Kathryn won the Blackwell Prize for her MA in Creative Writing at Oxford Brookes. As a writer with an invisible disability she often uses her work to explore issues of physical and mental health, as well as how we construct the conscious world around us. With undergrad and post grad qualifications in archaeology and teaching, she is continuously fascinated with how we make our worlds, inhabit them and re-express them.

Kathryn is deeply influenced by her environmentalism, feminism and queer identity. She often explores themes of memory and loss, deeply influenced by the death of her mother within six weeks of a fatal cancer diagnosis. Her father is a cancer survivor.

Despite many years spent at universities in the south she believes her voice is strongly northern. She is based in York and can sometimes be found at open mic nights in the city.

You can contact Kathryn about her writing at:


@klundauthor on Twitter


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